Accessibility information

Accessibility information – The Drisco Hotel
Handicapped Parking
The hotel offers underground parking which is accessible using staff guidance and escort.
Height limit: 220 cm
Hotel Main Entrance
Guests using wheelchair may enter via dedicated path located to the left of the main entrance. Gate width is 100-cm. press the doorbell located on the right side of the gate to enter.
Public Handicapped Restrooms
The restroom is located on the lobby floor. Door width is 84 cm. foldable handrail is installed. Toilet stall door opens outward.
Reception Desk
Reception desk has an easily accessible hearing-aid device for the use of hearing impaired guests.
The desk is of low height.
A folder for signatures will be provided upon request for non-desk use.
-Elevator entrance width is 89 cm
-Elevator size is 108 x 138 cm
-Vocal announcement system
-Prominent elevator buttons covered in Braille writing
Hotel Restaurant
The restaurant has additional entry with an accessible path
Self-serve buffet height is 80 cm
The staff is trained in assisting with disabled guests’ requests
Additional Services
Guests arriving to stay at the hotel in a car holding a disabled badge are eligible to a free parking during their stay.
Guests with impaired vision may receive escort and assistance upon request.
Handicapped-Fitted Rooms
Rooms 106 & 206
Distance from elevator to room: 16 meters
Room door width: 86 cm
For any questions and/or requests regarding accessibility, contact the following:
Ayelet Sigal – Accessibility Supervisor
Phone: +972-3-7410000, Email: [email protected]