George & John restaurant

George & John Restaurant

 The George & John pairs inspiration from modern Israeli cuisine with broader Mediterranean influences. Diners can expect a finely crafted repertoire of distinctively creative dishes, served within historical grandeur at the first restaurant opened outside the walls of Jaffa in 1866. Executive chef Tomer Tal has resurrected the restaurant’s authenticity through his unique cooking techniques, including smoking, grilling, pickling and use of local, indigenous herbs and quality-sourced products. Chef Tomer is a leading young Israeli chef with experience spanning some of the country’s most acclaimed restaurants.
George & John resonates on the story of the Drisco brothers, who acquired a three-story stone house 150 years ago, in a bid to fulfill their dream of opening Le Grand Hotel. In 1870, the first hotel outside the walls of Jerusalem opened to the public, hosting North America’s, England’s and Germany’s most wealthy.

Opening hours:
Sunday – Saturday 18:00-23:00
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 Fresh, ultra-fine, colorful, creative, original, prestigious. Every plate receives personal treatment and a twist to arouse taste, smell and sight.
The 'treats tower' is served to the table center and includes fresh vegetables, an assortments of salads and spreads, various quality cheese and bread.
Morning main courses are selected and made to order for each guest. A selection of juices, coffee and tea are offered.
Seating available in the main GEORGE & JOHN RESTAURANT space or at the patio.

In-Room Dining

Chef Tomer Tal has designed a delectable menu for when those hunger cravings strike.
Dishes range from classic ‘must haves,’ to fine food and light bites.