About LHW

About Leading Hotels of the World - LHW

The Drisco Hotel is a proud member of the LEADING HOTELS OF THE WORLD.


LHW Established in 1928 by several influential and forward-thinking European hoteliers, it started with 38 initial members. Now counting nine-decades, the selective organization is still an emblem of excellence and commitment. Offering a timeless, memorable, authentic, and distinctive travel experiences. True to its uncompromising standards and impeccable quality the exclusive LHW collection consists of 400 exceptional hotels and resorts in over 80 countries that have been carefully examined and selected.

For LHW, hospitality is not an industry, it's an art…and passion.


To be considered for inclusion in the LHW,
a hotel must meet Luxury category most exacting standards with respect to accommodations, service, culinary, professional teams, facilities, comfort, convenience and atmosphere. Inspection reports, based on hundreds of separate, stringent criteria, are subsequently filed with the Executive Committee whose members then vote for acceptance or rejection.

Only the world's most distinguished properties are admitted to The Leading Hotels of the World, thereby assuring a constant adherence to the organization's exacting standards of high quality.


Guests of the Drisco Hotel are entitled to join the organization free of charge during their stay at the hotel. For more information, please contact the reservations department at the hotel using the following
contact details :bookings@thedrisco.com